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I remember being about 10 years old standing at the edge of the stage while an actress practiced her one-woman show. I stood there looking up at her in awe. Her words, the story she conveyed with her movements and voice pulled me in. I was so inspired I later wrote a book of poetry which allowed my imagination to explore the many lives her characters may have lived. This catalyst moment forever changed my life. As a quiet child who didn't speak much, it gave me a voice. A way to emote my creativity. To be honest, I'm still a bit quiet and introverted but my focus and care with your story can bring out my loquacious side.

One moment set the tone for my creative journey and now I want to use that creativity to help capture the beauty of your journey. My gift is in finding the story and its inherent beauty. Whether I'm working with you from concept to creation, or you have the materials and just need them formed into content, my job is to use visuals and sound to enhance and communicate your story. I truly believe every story deserves an audience. Whether that's an audience of one or one million, your story has value. If you allow me, I'll be your creative sanctuary, providing a space that nurtures creativity and delivers the beauty of your story through visual and auditory art.



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Experience the beauty of your story

Think of me as the Oprah of personal and branding storytelling. I'm invested in my clients and they're stories. Together, we work to determine the best tools necessary to bring your story to life. Whether it's a branding session, wedding or lifestyle film, I'm here to project your voice with cinematic visuals and sound design.

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I am intentional in creating custom experiences for each client, starting with our onboarding process. To keep things organized and easily findable, we use HoneyBook. Your custom profile will have everything you need from a breakdown of the project, to the invoices, where we currently are with the project and more. Our goal is to be as tranaparent and strategically clear as possible. Every project goes through the four stages of production.

The Process


This complimentary consultation is an open door, an introduction to each other. It's the time to see if we mesh and if my creative skills are the best to meet your needs. To make the most of our time together (10-15 minutes) make sure you come prepared with notes and questions. Team work makes the dream work, and this is the first step.


If you made it to this stage then it's time to get to work! This is where we dig into the details. The who, what, when and why. We create a plan that will guide us through the next two stages. The length of planning period depends on the project but rest assured. Before we move forward we'll have a solid plan of action while leaving room for creativity.


Lights, camera, action! It's time to capture your story. This is is an intimate process for me. I use my creativity an the best tools to capture the essence of your story. Depending on the project it may be more interactive or I may be more of a fly on the wall. Either way, this is like my love letter to you, my client.


This is where the magic happens. Most of my time and your investment is spent on this phase of the process. It's the culmination of all that we've been working towards. Depending on your project, it  typically takes 4-8 weeks to receive your edited project. The wait will be worth it. Seeing your story visualized in a creative way.

My Vow to You

Sharing your story is an intimate experience that requires care, creating a safe space for you to be open and vulnerable. The journey to unveiling your story's beauty and uniqueness unfolds through a series of intentional conversations. No matter the message or its purpose, I’m here to elevate its essence through visual and sound design.

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